Atul Bhardwaj
Atul Bhardwaj
Branch Unspecified
07 Mar 2012

I want to Change my Job.

hello I have been working on microcontrollers pic avr on assembly and c language. I have been in electronics since 1992. I have 22 years experience in analog and embedded circuits.I have been giving training in embedded systems for last 7 years. Now I have no job I want to join some reputed institute. please help me.
Harshad Italiya

Harshad Italiya

Electronics and Communication
7 years ago
Thread moved to Jobs section. Can you tell me what was your area of working in embedded?
atul bhardwaj With that background, there should be no dearth of jobs. Embedded is a hot domain and as you know there are several coaching institutes. Which country/city are you located in and what are the exact challenges are you facing in getting a job?

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