I have less than 60% in 12th - Can I appear for GATE?

I have 55% in 12th class..
plzzz tell me Should i go for Gate coaching...
i have heard from someone that if u dont have 60% in 12th then u should not go for GATE...plzz tell me what to do...m from ec branch..in 3rd year...


  • Pensu
    I dont think so. I mean, when I appreared for GATE, 2 years ago, there was no restriction like this. I think you can appear for the exam.

    For more info, check the qualification criteria on the official website : #-Link-Snipped-#
  • guptas.sneha
    There is no restriction as such .You can very well go ahead and appear for GATE. All the best 😀

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