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Humid Air Turbine

Question asked by vashisht in #Coffee Room on Feb 28, 2015
vashisht · Feb 28, 2015
Project Abstract / Summary : Humid Air Turbine(HAT) or Humid Air Gas Turbine is an advanced version of simple gas turbine. It is an intercooled, regenerated cycle with a saturator that adds moisture to the compressor discharge. The combustor inlet contains approximately 20% water vapour. The intercooling reduces the compressor work, while the water vapour in the exhaust gases increases the turbine output, increasing overall efficiency.
It uses water-air mixture which increases the overall efficiency.
Basically its a combination of air turbine and steam turbine.
It is still undergoing research.

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : HAT if fully developed it will bring a complete revolution in marine sector and many other fields.
As compared to gas turbine it has high thermal efficiency, high specific power output, low NO(x),CO(2),SO(x) emissions.
As done in a research cost of electricity levels were 10-18% lesser.
It is slowly becoming a dominant technology.

Project Category : Mechanical / Automobile / Aeronautical
Institute/College Name: Graphic Era University
City: Dehradun
State: Uttarakhand
Participating Team From: Third Year Posted in: #Coffee Room

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