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SupMario • Jul 24, 2009

how to simulate an EDID using a linux computer?


I want to read from and write in an EDID memory of a display monitor. In fact, the EDID is used to describe the sink capabilities (sink supported resolutions, etc...) to the source graphics card. The link between the source and the sink should be an HDMI link because I am dealing with an HDMI stream. Here is an illustrative diagram.

Since the EDID EEPROM memory is often not writable, my idea consists in simulating this EDID by interfacing a PC and using a zone of its RAM memory as an EDID. The EDID of the sink will be ignored.
The following diagram explain what I aim to do.
The problem is that I have no idea about the nature of the link that I should make between the source HDMI connector and the PC (perhaps I should have a USB==>I²C adapter like this . Moreover, I wonder what kind of software should I have on my linux laptop so that the source can read the EDID (perhaps a linux USB driver installed in my PC since the DDC channel is based on I²C bus technology ?)

So what do you suggest please ?

SupMario • Jul 24, 2009
Someone to help me please !!
SupMario • Jul 27, 2009
So, no answer ???

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