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@Ankita Katdare • 15 Dec, 2013 • 2 likes
I have a English short film with Hindi dubs. I want to replace it's audio file with the English audio track.
Is there a way to do it? If yes, please share the method to do that.
@Anoop Kumar • 15 Dec, 2013 • 1 like You need to download English audio source.
I have used several video editor in which they show audio and video track separately . Just import English audio in current edit and remove Hindi one.
I don't remember those software but most of them does it.
@Raj A • 16 Dec, 2013 I guess you need to check whether there is dual audio track available. If yes then you can easily switch from audio option.
@Ankita Katdare • 16 Dec, 2013 How do we check that there is a dual audio track available or not?
@Anoop Kumar • 16 Dec, 2013
Ankita Katdare
How do we check that there is a dual audio track available or not?
Open in VLC --> audio --> Select Track. But if you have multiple tracks then only it works.
Otherwise you need to edit video to add/replace audio tracks.
@Chinmay sharma • 16 Dec, 2013 • 1 like check in audio setting of any player such:-vlc,jetaudio etc......
@Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran • 16 Dec, 2013 I had checked few websites but didn't found a easy solution .
The audio track can be changed only if it is a multilingual dubbed movie.You should check the audio track before downloading.Replacing a audio and synchronization to the lip movement is a difficult and irritating process.That too finding a English audio file is frustrating.Better download it again with English track or simply use English subs.
@Raj A • 16 Dec, 2013 English sub-titles filles are readily available most of the times.. U may try those..

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