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How to organize a treasure hunt contest in office?

There comes a time in our daily lives when all of us need and crave a break from the mundane monotony of our jobs to do something more interesting, challenging and brain teasing and not every time can we afford to have the luxury of a vacation😛 At such times, organizing a treasure hunt can prove to be a simple solution; akin to killing two birds with one stone (having creative fun while building team rapport and confidence all in the confines of office space) 😀 So how to go about it?

Every treasure hunt is basically a creative combination of two key ingredients—great clues and unique hiding places and while a certain amount of confusion can be fun, too much of it turns into frustration. Make sure to keep your clues interesting yet with enough 'tells'. A good way to ensure this is to actually demo test your clues. Select a few of your friends or organizing members to try a few clues on before the treasure hunt begins.

To begin, divide the teams into 5 or 6 teams of 5- 10 players each. Try to keep the players in each team and overall teams minimal to manage them better and avoid confusion.

You can make the hunt more challenging by making the teams actually 'earn' their first clue. For instance organize a time based activity for the teams and the early the team finishes the task the early they get their first clue. The task could be-heading over to departments' favorite coffee shop that we order coffee from for team meetings and take a team photo with the server. Having sent their picture over through mobile, the team can go over to the organizers to collect the clue. Electronic means would ensure avoidance of arguments among the team regarding who had come first etc.

Each team could have their own separate path to the treasure. Thus 5 paths each comprising of a certain fixed number of steps (if you have 5 teams) with different clues would have to be formed which lead to the treasure. (eg. 5 paths * 6 steps = 30 different clues). To avoid mixing up of successive clues, make sure to use different corners or spaces of office to use as locations also ensure that a team picking up another team’s clue should have no use to them. State so upfront as a rule too.

The team that reaches the treasure first could be the winner, keep the penultimate clue as a key or something similar. For instance- key would be kept inside a box which would have the word ‘pantry’ written on it. The team would then have to go to the pantry, find and unlock the closet to find the treasure. First team to get there would win. Clues could be rhyme puzzles, word-finds, anagrams, cryptoquotes etc. You can have the choice to make your own or use the internet generated ones.

Hope you have fun organizing this one. Do let us know your ideas, experiences and thoughts in the discussion below😀

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