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How to Minimise power losses in the grid supply?

While finding ways to get more power from alternate sources is important, one should not ignore waste reduction in the existing grid.

Mr.Subrahmanyam Vadari, president, Modern Grid Solutions, Seattle, USA, sent this response to me personally.


They have taken bits and pieces of useful information combined it with lots and lots of hype and defined something. 

Very often, as Apple has demonstrated, it is less about technology and much more about the business of application. the bigger problem in a grid is not the technology at the edge - it is the cost and who will bear it. Just for example - 
  • a single utility (PG&E) - about 2000 transmission nodes.
  • each transmission node feeds about 20,000 distribution nodes
  • each distribution node feeds about 10-12 edge locations (residences)

you can quickly get the concept of a combinatorial explosion - and how expensive these devices will get because each one of them needs to be installed

  • - installation costs
  • communicate with something else out there - communication costs. If they want to do this on a geo-synchronous time-stamped basis, your cell-phone network will not work. Even your AMI network will not work.
  • some set of systems at the back-end need to perform the calculations and send some controls back to modify whatever they are proposing
Cost cost  cost!!!Mani Vadari
End quote 

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