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santusapi • Nov 14, 2008

How to install Lex and Yacc in Fedora and Kubuntu...

Hello CEans...
My name is Santhosh..
i need to install Lexical analyzer and YACC into Kubuntu 8.04 or fedora 8...
Please anybody help me out for doing this...
mshearer • Nov 14, 2008
it may be flex and bison your looking for.
I'm not familiar with kubuntu but try

sudo apt-get install flex
sudo apt-get install bison

then just

sudo flex or bison
santusapi • Nov 16, 2008
Hello my friend...
i tried that... but its not taking...
i think its flex only...
i tried by downloading from internet also...
but i'm not getting how to install it..
zia.sepsis • Dec 31, 2008
better ask your doubts regarding kubuntu in
you may find the solution out there.

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