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jeni • Sep 5, 2008

How to get real IP address?

hi frndzzz...
plz tell me how to get real IP address.
samboy2005 • Sep 8, 2008
do you want to find the Ip of your own Pc or that of someone on the network??
if its the first case.. simply visit this link to know your present IP
IPcatcher.Net - What is my IP address? This online IP/DNS tool provides the user their IP address, catch other IP address, and location lookup.
hope this resolves your problem
niraj.kumar • Sep 8, 2008
there are lots of site ...... but if u dont have dedicated IP address then read about NAT ........
priyank_180 • Sep 20, 2008
just try............
devesh • Sep 23, 2008
Could you please be more specific......
What do you want to know by Real IP?
There are two types of IP add--- Public and Private.
for Public IP you can check out
otherwise just do ipconfig on command prompt and you will get the private IP.
sumir_kumar • Oct 9, 2008
do you mean buying an ip address for your router
poganinja • Jul 3, 2013
hi frndzzz...
plz tell me how to get real IP address.
Hi whether you want to know real system ip address then follow the steps given below ..
Go to start---->run--->type cmd--->ipconfig
to know your present network ip address visit sites.

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