How to ensure the quality of tablets?

How to ensure the quality of tablets?


    What needs to be ensured? We see roughness, friction, wear and scratch resistant often.

    @Nanovea: Sir, but the solutions provided by you mainly pertains to industrial production.

    Isn't their any way so that a common user can ensure that his/her tablet is scratch proof in case the manufacturer does not provide us with scratch resistant screen?

    It is assumed that in this forum questions are asked from an R&D or production environment. The question was vague.
    To answer your question, No. This is not something that can be done reliably without proper instrumentation, especially
    that of a tablet and its surface.

    For those relying on 2nd party manufacturing we always suggest using lab testing services to ensure manufacturing claims.
    This is the best solution known to avoid personal instrumentation purchase and to qualify your selected manufacturer.
    Tablets is one of the top 3 applications we see come through our lab for this very reason.

    This is why Nanovea has always provided lab testing services alongside its instrumentation manufacturing. In today's market, manufacturing
    result specs should be clear and proven and or reliable tested to ensure your manufacturing client choice. This is worth its weight in gold when relying on 2nd party manufacturing.

    If you mean "common user" then this is the very reason for the importance in nanotechnology instrumentation. As society becomes
    more aware it is our hopes that manufactures will have to have a seal of testing approval for topics such as this.

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