How to create a network connection between a desktop and a laptop?

how to create a network connection between a desktop and a laptop?


  • koli
    Cross cable. You get this in most electrical/electronics shops. Ask for Ethernet cross cable.
    Then give IP to both PC and laptop and configure them in workgroup mode.
    If you dont get cable, you will nee to buy a small hub.

    Other option is simple Bluetooth / InfraRed (if you have)

    Old laptops use to have serial port - you can try that if your laptop has one.

    If you want to make either cross cable or serial cable, you can find the cable digram on google. If you dont, let me know.
  • aashu_itdude
    if u have a modem then you can use it for creating a lan simply join your pc and laptop with it and perform the "setup a home or small office network".
    now you can access your desktop with laptop and vice-versa.
    for file sharing you simply need to mark them as shared by right clicking and checking in the sharing and security option.
    if you still have any poblem them ask for it.
  • avinash546
    Simply buy a cross cable of desired length

    connect using the ethernet port

    provide ip to both the systems......last digit being different something like &

  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    As many have mentioned, a crossover cable is the easiest option for a one to one connection.

    Don't forget to disable all your firewalls (including the Windows one), and test the connection with the Ping command in the Command Prompt window on both the laptop and computer 😀

    Enjoy your file sharing and LAN gaming!
  • Sunnyrulz
    can any one tell me...whats the difference between a "straight cable" and "cross cable"...??
    is there anyother kind of cable too???
    And how to determine which cable to be used for which purpose...??
    My friend told me to get a cross cable for connecting my laptop and pc...!!
    A technician from my isp told me to get a straight cable for my dsl connection...!
    I dont have any idea whats the major difference between them other than their color combinations...??? 😕
  • Raviteja.g
    yes can any one help me to know about network connections
  • devesh
    The Cross over cables are used to connect the devices(like pc to pc) which are working on the same set of protocols(on same layer of OSI model) and the straight through cables are used to connect devices(like pc to hub or switch or router) working on different set of protocols(on diff layers of OSI model).
    For Dsl connections you need a modem and a computer so its pretty obvious that you need straight through cable.
    Nowadays cables are available in the market which can act both as cross over & straight through.They change their mode according to the n/w connection.
  • bishnu
    RJ 45 cables..... ask for them
  • Sunnyrulz
    RJ 45 cables..... ask for them
    what is that suppose to be...?? please explain...!!
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    Its the CAT5e cables, the normal one used in LAN connections. This is the "straight cable" that you mentioned in one of your earlier post.

    Category 5 Cable
  • swaroops1
    yes.. The only difference between them is in crimping style..

    Straight cable is crimped in such a way that they can be connected directly between computers without any need of modem or hub..

    Cross cable is crimped when there is a lot of intermediate paths to reach the destination..

    is that clear . ..
  • hafthanhf
    Its the CAT5e cables, the normal one used in LAN connections. This is the "straight cable" that you mentioned in one of your earlier post.

    Category 5 Cable
    When I connect my PC with a Laptop with a CAT5e cross-over cable, my PC can ping to that laptop and access to the data that laptop shared, but laptop can't do that, so what's my problem? And how can I solve it? Thank all
  • devesh
    Have yot tried to ping PC from your laptop????
    First try that because if it not pinging then there must be some kind of restricting firewall.Make sure there should be no firewall and security should be disabled.
  • sumir_kumar
    first of all the cross or straight cable has 4 pair of wires but only two of the pairs are used i.e, pin 1,2 and 3,6 . the basic concept behind cross cable and straight cables is that pc,s ,router's and terminal devices transmit through pins 1 and 2 and recieve through 3 and 6 but switches and hubs transmit through p[ins 3 and 6 and recieve through pins 1 and 2 .
    so we conclude that to connect for similar devices eg. pc's with pc's the cable needs to be crossed to connect transmitting pair of one side with recieving pair of other .In the same way to connect dissimilar devices you need to place the wires straight for the same reason mentioned above.

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