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@*pushkar* • 16 Aug, 2011
I have applied for tcs and selected my test centre as chandigarh but now i want to change it to Delhi. How can i do that. Please help me out its urgent
@Ankita Katdare • 16 Aug, 2011 @Pushkar: I am not sure but you can write into mentioning the changes required in your application form. The team will be in touch to make the requested changes.
@Pallavi kori • 11 Nov, 2018

How can I change exam centre from hubli to Bangalore.plz reply fast. It's urgent


@dikisha shree • 12 Nov, 2018

How can I change my  exam center  location from chennai to salem

@Rashmi Gandhi • 20 Nov, 2018

@dikisha shree I don't think you have the facility to change exam center for TCS exams. Once selected, they don't let you change it.

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@mallumatmari · Mar 12, 2013

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