How to calculate ROM size.

can any one Please tell me how to calculate ROM size for the source code.

E.g:- Imagine my source code is 1000Lines of Code.
What shall be the ROM(Microcontroller) size for this code.:roll:


  • silverscorpion
    Compile the code using any code compiler. The particular compiler depends on the micro controller you are using. For 8051 based controllers, you have keil or ride. Similarly for pic or avr, you have the respective developers.
    Compile the code and create a hex file of the code. The size of the hex file is the size of ROM required to run the program in that controller.
  • sauravgoswami
    buddy,if your programme is not fitting in a ROM of a particular microcontroller you can use an external ROM,memory should not be your issue!!!!

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