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@Shyamsundar • 21 Dec, 2012
How to calculate percentage ripple voltage value? for output of 9.6V,1A
@Kaustubh Katdare • 21 Dec, 2012 • 1 like
How to calculate percentage ripple voltage value? for output of 9.6V,1A
Did you attempt it on your own? If not, give it a try and share with us 😀 .
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 22 Dec, 2012 Just the info here can never be used to solve the problem. Tell on the source and what rectifier you are using
@pratap singh, upendra • 02 Jan, 2013 make sure that you the entire details regarding the rectifier circuit you are using, the specification of the diode and resistors that are being engaged or you could provide us with the snapshot of the oscilloscope output along with its parameters such as time division, scale factor etc.

without these information, we can never provide you with ANY solution whatsoever.
@Sparker • 10 Jan, 2013 • 1 like First know what ripple is .Its the measure of varying deviation of voltage and current level form desired voltage level.At a moment voltage or current may be low than desired avg value and at next instant it will be above of it.
So we can calculate ripple factor in two ways what we have to do is converting the varying voltage and currenr to its rms value and compare with the avg value.
ripple = sqroot(RMS Value^2 - AVG Value^2)

to determine the ripple factor ,just divide the ripple with avg value

on simplying we ll get RF = sqroot(FF^2 -1)

it will come between .45 to .8 depending upon output. second way , take the max value and min value and take the avg between them and compare with the standard avergae value ,although its not applicable to all ,it hold good for linear expression e.g. current in RL circuit.

Hope I made a point here .

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