• Kaustubh


    MemberJun 7, 2009

    How to add favicon to your wordpress blog

    Following might be useful to those with wordpress powered blog -

    1. Create a favicon. You may use any of the following free services -

    Dynamic Drive- FavIcon Generator
    favicon.ico Generator <- This one is GOOD!
    Favicon Generator

    2. Download the favicon.ico file on your computer.

    3. Log in to your webserver using FTP client (Ex. FileZilla) and head over to blog root [ public_html/blogname folder in most cases ]

    4. Upload the favicon.ico you saved in step#2 there.

    5. Add following code to your header.php file of the theme [you'll find this in themes/yourthemename folder.

    Refresh the browser once, twice or until the favicon appears 😁 (if you followed the steps, the favicon will appear)

    I hope you'll find these tips useful.
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