How should I improve my profile or resume to obtain a seat in top US universities?

Hi, i'm studying btech 4 year mechanical in India. I am preparing to write Gre as i'm interested in doing ms in US. As i went through many articles , every article says that good profile is necessary to obtain a seat in top us universities even though you have a good score in Gre. So please suggest me what a profile must consist of and how to develop a good profile quickly as i have only one year left. So far I just have 77% in btech, some winning certificates in local college fests and a robotic workshop participation to mention in my profile, which i know is not sufficient , so please help me build a profile. Anyone can reply me to my gmail account #-Link-Snipped-#removed by admin>. thank you.


  • durga ch
    durga ch
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  • oprime
    Do some research project and try to get your papers published in the conferences and journals.

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