19 May 2018

How fast loading is the new CrazyEngineers?

We've taken a great care in ensuring super fast loading website. But all that matters is how fast it loads on your phone or computer. 

Could you tell us if the loading is impressive or slow? It'd really help if you could tell us if you are using mobile or desktop and maybe the name of your service provider. 

Your feedback will help us make things move faster here. 

20 May 2018

I use ACT fibernet. I see that CE loads faster than before on iPad, Mac and Windows.

What happened to the earlier categorisation of posts? The discussions are all together.

Anoop Kumar

Anoop Kumar

Information Technology
20 May 2018

City: Hyderabad India

ISP: Hathway

CE is blazing fast.  As fast as Google.

20 May 2018

... and that's a non-optimized version of the site. Wait till we optimize it and reduce overhead; and enable caching ..oh my! ? 

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