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hemantbothra • Jun 12, 2016

How does Router operate ?

Router is a layer 3 device and connect different networks.

Router find the shortest path to reach the destination network. how does the router manage to find it ? Is it a magic or does it have any logic behind its operation ? can anyone explain it ?

Hemant Bothra
CCIE 40792
durga ch
durga ch • Jun 12, 2016
Dijikstra's Shortest path algorithm.

Sorry, but are these questions meant to be a learning exercise or you are looking for answers? I am confused..
hemantbothra • Jun 13, 2016
Ignore the CCIE. This query is meant for learning exercise.
Let me reframe from the question.

How does router find the best path to reach the destination network when it receives a packet on one of its interface.

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