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How can I develop a face recognition system using python?

Question asked by Prince Dodzi in #Coffee Room on Jan 8, 2019
Prince Dodzi
Prince Dodzi · Jan 8, 2019

Please How can I develop a gui using tkinter to enroll live images into a database in python 

Posted in: #Coffee Room
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh · Jan 8, 2019

A module like tkinter can only help you to make the GUI of the program. But if you want to make the algorithm for face recognition you need to be proficient in 

Python, computer vision (like OpenCV) and machine learning

You would need at least 5-6 months to master all these three topics. Then you can make a program that can detect faces of different beings. And by this I mean the program would be able to distinguish between a dog and human. If you want to make it more precise like distinguishing between two breeds of dogs or distinguishing between you and your friends, then you would need to feed more data to it. And by more I mean a lot!! But it is achievable. 

Here is the link of a course on these 3 topics (No promotion intended)


Here is the link of youtube tutorial on this topic (No promotion intended)


Hope it helps ? 

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