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Jerry • Dec 8, 2006

How about tutorials?

CEans, how about posting tutorials on various topics related to electrical engineering? Otherwise, we may start problem solving threads over here? Any thoughts?
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Sep 7, 2007
Yes, I believe xheavenlyx has done some tutorials for Parallel port interfacing in the CS/IT forum. Hm, Big K, do you think all tutorials should be placed in a seperate forum just titled "Tutorials"? Cause they can get easily hidden to other pages if there are lots of new posts. Some people (like me) would only discover them if they somehow decide to see the old posts..
xheavenlyx • Sep 7, 2007
Yea Biggie thats a good idea. I think, new project ideas and looong boring engineering related stuff can also be put there.

Users can comment/ask questions, but CANNOT ask for final year project ideas on any particular thread BUT BUT can ask on a STICKY for "Request for tutorials and Articles, you lazy asses" or something.

As jerry said, even problem SOLUTIONS can be provided there. If any users create a new thread for a question or something, it must me either deleted or moved to its respective category.

Now a very important point. By looking at the present system we cannot answer each and every query and it can be a mess for newbies to come and search more than required so, if they have a look at the Tutorial/Article/Projects section and can get a quick idea. ***SEE EDIT***

If anyone has more improvements Biggie and others please post it here.


Umm, I just noticed we have an IDEAS Section already. But the desc, "Share ideas & knowledge. Anything which leads to a healthy discussion goes here." is a little unclear. "Anything goes here..." is not right. Give some of us permittion to moderate the articles/IDEAS section and clear up the clutter for proper engineering articles and tutorials 😀 😀 😀
Elisa • Sep 8, 2007
Looking forward to forum restructure!

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