Hotmix Road Construction - The Best Road Construction Method Yet?

I was flipping through the TV channels and found that one of the channels was talking about 'hotmix' road construction type. I've absolutely no clue about the construction field, so thought of asking the question to experts here. Can someone briefly describe 'hotmix' way of road construction and whether it's the best construction method available yet?

The reported in the TV channel said that the roads constructed using hotmix method have lasted for over 37 years; not getting even a single pothole on the busiest of the traffic routes.

Looking forward to responses.


  • Guttu
    Bwahaha. That's a joke. Most of the roads are Hotmix. It depends on the quality of hotmix. Many roads in my state wash away after the rains. Poor quality of hotmix and poor designing of roads, Both responsible for that.
    In my opinion, Best roads are concrete roads. They last long and don't get damaged easily.

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