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Honda reveals production variant of Civic Type R at Geneva Motor Show

Honda has finally unveiled the production model of Civic Type R at Geneva Motor Show 2018 after a long wait of around 18 months. The car was showcased as a concept back in 2016 at Paris Motor Show and it’s great to see that production model retains the unique styling of Type R Concept. This is usually not the case. With massive air scoops and rear spoiler, you can get enough on-track madness in daily rides. Mass production is expected to start in third quarter of this year and will be based on standard civic hatchback with suitable modifications to give it that boastful look.


Honda mentions that Type R comes with a stiffer chassis providing 38 percent improvement in torsional rigidity. Inclusion of an air curtain, rear wing and a vortex generator provides better aerodynamic efficiency. Under the hood, the vehicle brings an upgraded version of two-liter VTEC TURBO engine providing 316 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed manual gearbox handles power transmission assisted by a rec match control system.

It's to be noted here that this is not much of an increase compared to previous Type R but overall improvement is enough to go for this upgrade. A remapped ECU alongside increased flow rate of exhaust gases gives a better throttle response. The newer model also weighs lesser at around 1,380 kg increasing car’s acceleration capabilities. The complete suspension is redesigned to provide resistance against torque steer. Rear boasts an all new multi-link system with rigid suspension arms.

According to Hideki Kakinuma, Assistant Project Lead for the Type R, this is a car one can drive fast with confidence. The car provides three different riding modes: Sports, Comfort and R+. Comfort mode provides a firm and softer riding experience focusing lesser on performance side. R+ mode provides extreme performance and Sports mode strikes a balance between both. Type R is expected to be priced around $30,000 and will hit the North American market for the very first time.

Source: Honda

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