• Manish


    MemberNov 21, 2013

    Help understanding the Paypal API workflow

    I have developed a freelancing website, where client can pay through paypal

    but I am confused how to check client has paid for which job?

    System is redirecting user to paypal interface where he pays and returns back, now to store payment transaction information I have implemented IPN

    but How would i know client has paid for which job

    for eg If I have following database schema for transaction

    id, user_id, job_id, trans_id

    How would I get job_id while saving transaction id?

    is there any concept of custom fields?
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  • Anand Tamariya

    MemberNov 22, 2013

    You don't need a custom field. Map the job_id to corresponding order_id field from paypal.
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  • Manish Goyal

    MemberNov 22, 2013

    no anand, actually I have already found the solution

    There is a custom parameter that you can pass to paypal while user checkout through paypal, On successful, payment, paypal will pass those custom parameters value through IPN notification
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