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@piyusheddie • 20 Sep, 2012
Hey guys.....

I am about to start working on STAAD PRO can anyone help me to learn this software or can provide me tutorials regarding this in PDF format. Any help will be really appreciated......

one more thing I need is crack for this software, coz I have 15 days trial version with only couple of days left....😀
@Kaustubh Katdare • 20 Sep, 2012 Have you checked the manuals and getting started tutorials that ship with most of the software out there? You might check out various videos on YouTube that might help you get started. Here's one I found -

Does it help?
@piyusheddie • 20 Sep, 2012 sir m in need of tutorials in adobe pdf format...see if u can help me....thanx
@Saiwal • 20 Sep, 2012 here's a tutorial with many examples.
sorry there seems to be some problem uploading the file here.
hope it helps
@piyusheddie • 20 Sep, 2012
here's a tutorial with many examples.
sorry there seems to be some problem uploading the file here.
hope it helps

thanx dude.....hope this would b a gud help for me.....i appreciate ur work.....😀
@dec nor • 05 Oct, 2012 i was also recently explored to staad pro V8i. therefore if anyone could share or guide me for using the software it would be grateful.

thank you
@Amlan das • 16 Dec, 2014 Hello can anyone guide me how to design a steel lattice tower in STAAD Pro
@Civil Jim • 28 Nov, 2016 I'm so much of a noob that I don't even know how to make a thread so I'll ask my very important question here, I have no problem in learning how to use the software, plenty of tutorials available, I just need answers to a certain concept. Basically the question is "Effect of cracking on stiffness of RC(reinforced concrete) Frames" I initially thought I'd legit be doing an experiment like testing on actual RC but was then told its using the software staad pro, could someone please give me a detailed explanition of what I have to do so I ready to go once I master the tutorial on how to use the software?
@ramesh madichipara • 15 Oct, 2018

Can we learn Staad Pro course completely through online tutorials?


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