• prakash.athani


    MemberJul 2, 2008

    Hello from Prakash Athani

    Hello CEans, my name is Prakash Athani. I am from India. I am a MCA guaduate and I am in Software Engineering discipline.I joined this community just today. So a vey good evening to all CEans. I hope i will come to know a great deal of information from this community. Thank you for making me a member of you community. My warm regards to all CEans and The Big K.
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  • Kaustubh Katdare

    AdministratorJul 2, 2008

    Welcome to CE, Prakash! We're glad to have you on CrazyEngineers. I hope you will enjoy CE and help us spread the word!

    We look forward to your contribution! 😀
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