Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows Part 2 Movie Review

First of all, let me confess my crime: I've not read any of the Harry Potter books but my sister told me the whole story - and it's twisted my head like anything. The Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows Part 2 is releasing tomorrow and everyone seems to be eager to watch the first day first show. I request all of them to post their reviews here so that other Harry Potter Fans get a quick update.

In India, it seems that there's an ongoing issue between the Multiplex owners and distributors on the revenue share. It's also being feared that the movie won't make it to the multiplexes tomorrow. So far, bookmyshow isn't showing the multiplexes in its list.

Anyways, keep us updated!


  • ursplfrnd
    I saw HP 7_2 yesterday. It was mind blowing ! The only thing which bothered me while watching this movie is as this is the last part in the series , the whole movie will be like climax. So i felt that movie is a bit dragged as it is a two and half hour flick. You will not get bored but for those who didnot watch the earlier parts or even read the books , this movie will be a bit dissapointment. I suggest everyone to watch atleast Harry Potter 7 part 1 , before watching part 2 as you will not miss continuty and you will really enjoy the movie.

    I will give 4/5 for Harry Potter and deathly hallows part 2. Stronly recomended !

    P.S : I watched it in 3D . There are no great moments when it comes to 3D. So 2D is also good.

    Twilight fans : Good riddance Harry potter !

    HP fans : Harry rocks ! We miss you 😔
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    I almost forgot that I had to write a review here.

    Most reviewers have said that the movie was quite literal, but then it has to be, right?
    I felt they did a great job by jelling the complex parts of the movie into a smooth flow in a mere 2 hour show. The director deserves accolades for that. They covered all the important parts, but left several touchy moments from the book like:
    1. When Lupin declares Harry as the godfather to his son
    2. When Percy Weasley returns to the Battle of Fogwarts

    I agree with ursplfrnd that it won't make a difference if you go and watch it in 2D or 3D.

    The +1's in the movie were
    : the scenes when the trio break out with the dragon from Gringotts, when Neville speaks about Harry's death, when Molly says 'Not my daughter, *****' to Bellatrix & when Neville kills Nagini..

    People in the theater were cheering and shouting and whistling throughout the movie (which speaks tons about how deeply people feel about the greatest saga of our times).

    We left the theater with a heavy heart.

    Potter will always be the boy who 'lived',
    Weasley is our King
    and Granger is the Scholarly Queen!

    I have no words to express how lucky my generation is to have grown up with the Potter Mania. Hail J.K. Rowling! 😀 😀

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