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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jul 6, 2011

GUIDE: Install Wordpress On Your Desktop Or Laptop "localhost"

In recent times, Wordpress has gained lot of popularity as a content management system and it's no longer just a blogging tool. Lot of CS/IT engineers would want to try their hands at the software and develop plugins/themes for WordPress. Following guide acts as a quick reference to install Wordpress on your own computer without needing a server, hosting plan and domain, etc.

Installing Required Software:

1. XAMPP: You will need this free software to run PHP & MySQL on your computer. Head over to apache friends - xampp and download the XAMPP software. Install the software using the instructions displayed by the software installer. Once installed, run the software control panel and hit following buttons -

Apache - Start | Mysql - Start

Also, hitting the 'Explore...' button will open the folder in which XAMPP is installed. You will find a number of other folders inside and folder named 'htdocs' is the folder of our interest.

2. Download WordPress (Free): Head over to WordPress › Download and download the latest .zip. Once you download the software, extract the contents of the zip. You will get a folder named 'wordpress'. Rename this folder to something like 'blog'.

Nove, cut/copy and paste the 'blog' folder we just named, into the 'htdocs' folder. That means the folder hierarchy will look like: D:\xampp\htdocs\blog\ (the drive letter may be different in your case).

You are now done with the basic setup. Let's go ahead. I hope you are still with me 😀

Setup Database For The Blog

Now, open your favorite browser (which should be Firefox or Chrome) and type https://localhost/phpmyadmin/.

If everything up to this step was right, you will see the phpMyAdmin console. Notice the "Create New Database" field and enter database name, something like "blogdb" or simply "blog". Hit 'create' button to create the database. All done!

Start WordPress Installation

Now, in your browser, open another tab, and type https://localhost/blog/ . Your browser will automatically take you to the WordPress installation page and offer a user friendly installer. Simply follow the instructions. On the database setup page during the installation, you might have to use "root" as database administration and a blank password to continue. Other options would work fine on their own. So don't touch them if you don't know what they do.

That's all! Your Wordpress installation is ready to roll. Access your wordpress front end from https://localhost/blog/ and wordpress backend (admin panel) via https://localhost/blog/wp-admin/

If you have any questions or stuck up at any level, post your problems below.
ISHAN TOPRE • Jul 6, 2011
Please type local host links properly. They are broken so unable to proceed ahead.
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Jul 6, 2011
Broken? Didn't get you.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jul 6, 2011
Please type local host links properly. They are broken so unable to proceed ahead.
Dude - localhost links in above article wont' work because they are pointing to 'localhost' ( which is your own computer.
ISHAN TOPRE • Jul 6, 2011
I have a doubt in this step Start WordPress Installation. Yes you are right, the links are not working. I am getting this error [​IMG]
Guys... I prefer a Portable Wamp Server... 😀 Best is USB WebServer and WampServer, as they don't need any advanced configuration as XAMPP... 😀 What do you say Biggie???

Download them at:
Usbwebserver V8 😀
Install PHP 5 Apache MySQL on Windows : WampServer 😀

For WampServer, I prefer WampEE... 😀
phillipturner • Sep 9, 2011
thank you for the post , I was facing difficulties during installation of widgets, your post has helped me a lot.
I have a doubt in this step Start WordPress Installation. Yes you are right, the links are not working. I am getting this error [​IMG]
Ishu, did you install the server in your system?
ISHAN TOPRE • Sep 19, 2011
No. I could not. Can someone help me?

Once I start installing the wordpress, I will post my progress step by step. I want someone to help me while I am at it. 😔
I can help you buddy... Call me... 😛
Sagar Sutariya
Sagar Sutariya • Nov 9, 2011
hi friends here are step by step guide which may help you/

1). Download Latest Worpdress from WordPress › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform
2). Just paste rar file in www directory of wamp server and extract it (how to go at wamp www directory in pic)
3). Now open your localhost and find wordpress-3.1.4 after "Your Projects"
4). Again click on wordpress after parent directory
5). Now click on create configure file button
6). Now click on let's go button
7). Go to wamp at taskbar right button and click on phpmyadmin (or go on https://localhost/phpmyadmin/)
8). Create a new database with name "wordpress" and hit create button
9). now again come back and you can see this type of screen

10). fill data Database Name : wordpress , User Name: root, Password : "Blank" no password , Database Host : localhost, Table Prefix : wp_ and click on submit button
11). Click on Run and Install and you done

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