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maialieg • Aug 7, 2007

Graduation Project idea

Hey Every body;
thank you every body for helping me, this post was from 1 year, and now I have discussed my GP and i got A+ πŸ˜€
thanks again for help
Rocker • Aug 7, 2007
So you want creative ideas for your project. There is a thread in CE Labs which talks about CE Messenger. Since you are a java geek πŸ˜‰ , you should think about it!

Bigggi, I think I have found a right person who will develop CE Messenger for CE 😁 😁
MaRo • Aug 8, 2007
Java geek? then you can make programs for mobile phones?

If so,

I had some thoughts about a program for the mobile like a key generator
once you start the app your credit will be recharged without you paying anything.

I know it's too hard to hack that control room but by some way we enter & leave it with their permission, if you buy a recharge card you will type the key on the card and they reply by telling you this number is right, all this operations are transmitted as microwave, what I'm saying is make a program that send the same codes via microwave to trick the control room.

this is just a pure idea I didnt do any studies for it.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 8, 2007
Nice concept. I think the recharge procedure varies for service providers in different countries. In India, the user must enter a custom code to recharge the connection.

Any workarounds/suggestions, anyone?

-The Big K-
crazy_chemical • Aug 8, 2007
just chillout maan...n hv fun....tension nahi lene ka mamu....
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 8, 2007
crazy_chemical, please use English. Go through lectures #1 - #4 available here -

-The Big K-
MaRo • Aug 8, 2007
Here, in Egypt the steps of recharging

1) buy a card
2) scratch the card and get the code
3) call the service provider recharging number
4) enter the 14-digit code (within 20 seconds)
4.5) here between you entered the code and getting the ok message
I think we are in the control room
5) the voice of a woman starts telling you the number is ok
6. end
Sorayna • Aug 16, 2007
Easy stepsπŸ˜€

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