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Google's Word Lens Now Allows You To Get Instant Translation Of A Japanese Text

The nations are different by many means but together by international companies that constantly dive into a new system, selling products, making brands and expanding the business spirit. While the targets are international, people working under the system face countless difficulties that flow across boundaries, cultures, languages, religions, food habits and much more. Like a life-saver, the International tech giant Google has found a solution to tackle language problems. We all know about Google Translate and this time it is with its “Word Lens” feature just to address Japanese, the world's toughest language for the English speakers.

A recent blog in Google Asia reveals that Google Translate has got an interesting update, helping all the people out there, especially in Tokyo who are confused, irritated and utterly frustrated for not getting a single sign board, food menu or advertisement. The newest addition to this application promises to change the situation. The one in use could help you catch a snap of a Japanese text and then get its translation in English.


With Word Lens, the process will come down to a “Real-time” session for the users. To use it, you must fire up the Google translate application, position your camera to the text appearing and you simply have it in English. This should mean that from the next time you will not be lost on busy roads or not order something you will not desire to gobble. Interestingly, this feature is offered offline too. So, if “no network, no problem”. With Word Lens’ help, interaction should run smooth for you.

Word Lens was initially released as a standalone augmented reality translation application in 2010 by Quest Visual. Later, in 2014 the company was acquired by Google which pushed the Word Lens into Google Translate in 2015. Till now it was already available in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Russian. Owing to this latest announcement, Japanese is now a part of this language group, available for both the Android and iOS users.

Source: Google Asia Blog

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