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Farjand • Sep 9, 2011

Google's Programming Language - Dart

Google Inc. is going to take a lead in another business. It is about programming languages. Once after the launch of Google Chrome which is touted to be the fastest browser, there was an ever growing need of a programming language which will further boost the searching and speed of internet access. Google took its toll and is up with a new programming language called Dart which will be explained at Goto international Software development conference  held on October 10.

Google Inc. Develops Dart. Image Credit: Trendsupdates

This is after two years that the internet giant is developing another language. It had previously launched Go which is used for writing server software. The latest development in this field Dart is a programming language for structured web programming. The language is basically browser oriented.

Image Credit: Bio Seo Techniques

The language will be presented at Goto conference by two engineers namely Gilad Bracha and Lars Bak. Both being highly successful in their respective domains of computers have come together in this project. Mr. Bak is one of the brains behind the 'speed' of Chrome that we are experiencing today. He was responsible for the implementation of V8 in the browser. Bracha has been a former employee of sun Microsystems. The development of Newspeak programming language is credited to him. Gilad Bracha is also co-authored Java language specifications.

Google Inc. is trying to keep the specifications and details of 'Dart' a secret. They will be revealed for the first time in Goto conference. Let us wait for further updates.

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