Google Start Searching India Campaign To Help You Make The Best Use Of The Search Engine

With Start Searching India initiative, Google Inc. has taken a concrete step to light bulbs in the heads of thousands of ignorant internet users. Though that may sound a bit harsh, but every now and then you come across a netizen who doesn't know how Google works or why is the search engine not giving optimally relevant results. Most googlers end up on wrong content because they can't use Google to its best potential. With the growth of penetration of Internet users in India, Google has taken a measure to create awareness about the importance and use of the internet in remotest of areas. By launching the Google - Start Searching India campaign along with the Government of India approval, the company has made sure that Indian users save time, by showing how they can get instant and to-the-point answers to their most common queries, while gaining an advantage in the ad revenues.

The campaign has already kick-started in the state of Bhopal as Google feels the city is apt to target the growing number of audience. Google India's Director Marketing, Sandeep Menon said, "Internet is no longer restricted to the domain of working professionals and is fast emerging as a life enriching tool catering to the varied needs of the people from all walks of life." He also added, "We see more and more people are using Internet for various needs but users in Bhopal are more interested in e-governance applications." Presenting the top search trends that the people of Bhopal search for most using using Google Trends (#-Link-Snipped-#), he said that e-governance is doing well in Madhya Pradesh with ' and' figuring in the top five web searches.

This is a great move for Google. Since it is a vast ocean of information online and with the right keywords, users can have the world at their finger-tips, Google will be aided in advertising and targeting the right kind of adverts at the right audience. Google users will now be able to narrow down movie theater locations and show timings or restaurants serving their choice of fare by merely adding the neighborhood they’re at. In short, asking the right questions has become more important than ever. Be it calculating a complex mathematical equation or finding your way through a crowded township, if you know the right keywords, Google will be of more help than you can think of!

What do you think about Google's new campaign? Will it kill the ignorance? Share your thoughts in comments below.


  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    It's totally surprising that Google has to conduct such drives to inform people how to search! I think Google continues to be the default window to the Internet to most of the people. I however think Facebook might just give them some competition and Google's just ensuring that FB doesn't come after them looking for Google's lunch.

    I personally use special Google Search operators on rare occasions.
  • Anil Jain
    Anil Jain
    These campaigns are defiantly going to increase the awareness.


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