Google Smartwatch Launch Could Happen In June At The I/O Conference

All the attention has been towards Apple’s iWatch but seems like Google has its plans to release its own smartwatch. This isn’t a rumor, the news is significant. Yes. According to a report on TechCrunch, Google is all set to unveil its smartwatch plans in March, 2014 via a blog post and the smartwatch will be launched in June, 2014 at Google’s I/O conference.
Google’s smartwatch team is headed by Android designers and the smartwatch is being viewed as an accessory, and not something which will imitate the functionality of a smartphone. Though the design of the smartwatch is not yet finalized, the prototypes of smartwatch are being discussed. Techcrunch claims that an early prototype of the watch looks like Pebble Steel-like metal band with a square face and colorful digital display featuring gradient display where colors gently fade from one to the next. It seemed to have a masculine vibe. But now, Google is settling for watch with a plastic band. This would be a huge disappointment if Google launches an unfinished device. Moreover, the smartwatch might not be capable of supporting third-party apps. However, future updates will fix all the problems.

The main idea behind the watch is that the user should not take out phones for alerts like who is calling or who just texted. The watch will be gesture-driven. That is, tapping to select, swiping alerts. The Wall St. Journal had reported that the watch will have “Google Now” alerts, which is a type of default notification that includes information like sports updates, weather, events, meeting alerts, reminders, stock updates.

Samsung just launched its smartwatches but the search giant might steal the limelight from the fact that Samsung ditched Android for Tizen. The war between wearable devices is sure to heat up! What are your thoughts on this? Share with us in comments below.

Source: The Google Smartwatch Is Real, And It's Coming Soon (But Maybe Not Too Soon) • TechCrunch


  • Rajni Jain
    Rajni Jain
    Most of the things that Google does are impressive, I hope smart watch will not be exception.

    LG was the preferred manufacturer for Google's Nexus Series.
    If eve-leaks is to be believed Google is again planing to handover the smart-watch manufacturing flag to LG.

    Do you think it may prove a good decision for Google?
  • Chirayu Samarth
    Chirayu Samarth
    Can turn out to be a good decision...
    We'll have to wait and find out..

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