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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jan 19, 2008

Google KNOL to compete with Wikipedia?

This one hurts a bit, but Google's developing a service that's going to compete with Wikipedia.

Check out what Google VP of Engineering Udi Manber has to say about KNOL here - Official Google Blog: Encouraging people to contribute knowledge

Moreover, more information about KNOL can be found at -

Wikipedia 😁 -> Knol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here's a screenshot from of KNOL -

So, what do you guys say? Do we have a Wikipedia rival taking up shape? 😒 , and my question to you all is "Do we need another Wikipedia-like tool?"
mahul • Jan 19, 2008
Like you said _k one wikipedia seems to be enough-"thank you google". But it won't cause us any trouble if there are two such things out there, maybe google could offer some thing more or different from wikipedia says, i think it might well enrich our project papers, for the better. if they contradict over something( though it hardly seems plausible they ever would), it would be a real tough call to decide.
Elisa • Jan 21, 2008
Nice to know about KNOL. Wikipedia is my second favorite site, of course after crazyengineers. Google will have to struggle a lot to compete with wikipedia. Wikipedia is synonymous with encyclopedia. KNOL is bit different than wikipedia in that it will have articles authored by the contributor (selected by Google) and others contributors will need author's permission if they want to update the article.

In my opinion, Google should buy Wikipedia than trying to create another wikipedia.

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