Google Impact Challenge In India To Award Rs. 3 Crore To Innovative Social Entrepreneurs

In India, there are thousands of budding social entrepreneurs who are implementing technological solutions to tackle the severe most day-to-day problems. There are some who have the best ideas but cannot put them into action because of lack of money. To recognize and help the efforts of such inspired souls, Google has launched the Google Impact Challenge in India. It is asking the non-profit organisations how they would use technology to solve problems in India and around the world. The four best submissions will each receive Rs. 3 crore and technical assistance from Google to make their project a reality.

Expanding the companies philanthropic efforts in India, Google gives away approximately $100 million in grants, $1 billion in free and discounted apps and ads, and logs some 50,000 volunteer hours by employees around the world. Now it is ready to invest Rs. 12 Crore in this novel initiative. In 2012, it had started a similiar thing with the Global Impact Awards to encourage entrepreneurial ideas that change the world. Rajan Anandan, VP and MD, Google India says, "[The Google Impact Challenge] is a great opportunity for Indian non-profits to scale their efforts to help solve some of our toughest problems. India already has a rich tradition of corporate giving and, hopefully, the Challenge will galvanise social entrepreneurship in India."


The panel of judges that will screen the best entries in this contest includes Google board member Ram Shriram; chief business officer Nikesh Arora; director for Google Giving Jacquelline Fuller; former Thermax chairperson and philanthropist Anu Aga and Jayant Sinha, MD, Omidyar Network India Advisors. A fourth awardee — based on online votes from the public — will also be selected. "On the eve of India s Independence Day, we’re celebrating the spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship of the world s largest democracy by spotlighting the best local nonprofits that are using technology to make the world better," Nikesh Arora, senior vice president and chief business officer, Google said on a blog post.

We all are aware of the potential of India's social entrepreneur and their abilities to bring about the change. If you are one with the life-changing idea, you might want to go through these crucial details -

5th September 2013 - Final day to apply to the Google Impact Challenge.
21st October 2013 - Google announces the finalists, and the public votes online for their favourites.
31st October 2013 - Each finalist team will pitch its idea to an esteemed panel of judges at an event in Delhi. Four finalists, including the non-profit chosen by the public vote, will be announced as Global Impact Award recipients.

Your idea will be judged on the parameters of its potential impact, scalability and ingenuity.


  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran
    It was expected as google always try to utilize the correct power from India.As from early days Foreigners always utilize us than by ourselves.
  • Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Saandeep Sreerambatla
    Dude please come out of other utilizing our power or whatever. Google is doing it for a cause , it did the same in UK as well. Check this link for details: Impact Challenge UK 2013
  • Nayan Goenka
    Nayan Goenka
    This seems great idea and initiative from Google. I am gonna submit something I had in mind for a long time. Lets see what miracle it does 😛. Bless you GOOGLE!!!

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