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Good Grammar Can Lead To An Unsecure Passowrd, Says The Study

Question asked by Pensu in #Coffee Room on Jan 25, 2013
Pensu · Jan 25, 2013
Member of CrazyEngineers
Proud that you are good at grammar? Well, it could be harmful for your internet life. Researchers form Carnegie Mellon University have developed a new grammar-aware password cracker than can decode a password based on its grammatical structure.
Accroding to Ashwini Rao, the leader of the research team and a Ph.D. Student in the institute for Software Research, basing a password on a phrase or short sentence makes it easier to remember, but it also makes it easy to crack. The grammatical structure involved dramatically reduces the possible combinations leaving the user with less choices. The algorithm is based on different parts of grammar namely nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns etc. The results showed that the passwords having structure pronoun-verb-adjective-noun are comparatively easy to crack than noun-verb-adjective-noun.
The team tested their algorithm against 1,434 passwords. The algorithm was able to decode the passwords with grammatical structures. So, next time when you opt a password, remember that “Hammered asinine requirements” is more secure than “Th3r3 can only b3 #1”!
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