GoGet Self-Driving Cars Closer To Reality - A UNSW Australia Research Project

Self-Driving cars have grabbed the world's attention with tech-giants like Google, Volkswagen, Audi and Nissan bringing their models. Last we saw, Researchers from Singapore-MIT Alliance had developed a Driverless Car "SCOT" Uses Remote Sensing - Developed By Singapore-MIT Alliance. Closely following them are researchers from UNSW Australia working on a self-driving car project in a tie up with GoGet, a car sharing service. Equipped with 4 radar sensors, a video camera and a compact computer, the GoGet car is now being tested as a self-driving vehicle at the UNSW's Kensington campus in Sydney. The researchers will be launching this car at the GeoNext technology conference in the Australian Technology Park.

GoGet has partnered with the UNSW Research Centre or Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI) with an idea of developing a technology system that can detect road infrastructure, passers by, bicycles and other car. By collecting data about people's driving methods such as how a particular driver interacts with moving entities, the team is trying to develop different efficient algorithms for autonomous driving. Moreover, they will use the data from the car's sensors to understand the possibility of developing real-time charging schemes for car insurance. The idea behind this is to award the safe drivers so that they have to pay less for their insurance.

In the past, we have seen Stanford & Volkswagen's Self-Driving Car 'Shelley' Runs On RaceTrack At 120mph! that ran on racetrack at 120 mph. Nissan is looking forward to launching a Nissan's Self Driving Cars To Be Ready By 2020 - Autonomous Would Be The Rulers. We also saw Google working actively on building a similar car that was tested on a route of Google's Self-Driving Car Travels 300,000 Miles Without Any Accident. When asked about it, Co-founder of GoGet, Mr. Nic Lowe shared his views saying that they are not planing to compete with the likes of Google.

We hope that self-driving cars become a reality soon. UNSW's research would pave way for that to happen. What are your thoughts on this? Share with us in comments below.

Source: Working with industry on a 'self-driving' car | UNSW Newsroom


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