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    GMAT : Graduate Management Admission Test [Frequently Asked Questions]
    ADMINISTERED BY : ETS (Educational Testing Service)
    REQUIRED FOR : Admission into a MBA Program.
    WEBSITE : GMAC – Graduate Management Admission Council™, Start Your Business Master's and MBA Journey Here | or ETS | Educational Research, Assessments and Learning Solutions
    VALIDITY : The score is generally valid for 5 years.
    REPORTING : The score is sent to 5 #-Link-Snipped-# by ETS free of cost at the time of exam. ETS charges additionally for scores sent to universities later.
    REGISTRATION : By phone, fax or online (Start Your Business Master's and MBA Journey Here |
    FEES : $250

    2nd Floor,DLF Infinity Tower - A,
    Sector 25, Phase II,
    DLF City Gurgaon,
    HARYANA - 122 002.
    Phone No.: 0124-5147700
    Fax: 0124-5147773 / 0124-5147774.
    Email: #-Link-Snipped-#
    FORMS : Forms are available at USEFI (U.S. Education Foundation in #-Link-Snipped-#) or they can be downloaded from the website.
    REQUIREMENTS FOR PHONE / FAX REGISTRATION : Name as in the Passport, Address, Credit Card Number, Name of the Cardholder, Expiry date of the card. (The card has to be an International Card).
    CENTRE : Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, #-Link-Snipped-#Trivandrum.
    CONFIRMATION : A registration no is given as terms of confirmation.
    RESCHEDULING : An intimation is to be given to ETS 7 days prior to the examination date. The necessary rescheduling fee has to be paid. CANCELLATION : An intimation is to be given to ETS 7 days prior to the examination date. The necessary cancellation fee is applicable.
    MODE : The GMAT test is a #-Link-Snipped-#adaptive test (CAT).
    NUMBER OF TESTS : Only 1 test can be given in a calender month and no more than 5 times in a year.
    SCORE : Total score is out of 800 (Quantitative & Verbal) and Analytical Writing Assessment (Essays) is scaled from 0 - 6.
    All the scores and dates are sent to the universities if the test is taken more than once.
    Scores can be cancelled before coming out of the test.

    Format of GMAT
    Section Questions Time(min.)
    Analytical Writing Assessment

    1 Topic
    1 Topic
    Rest Break 5
    Problem Solving & Data Sufficiency

    37 Question
    Rest Break 5
    Sentence Correction
    Comprehensive & critical Reasoning

    41 Question


    4 Hours (approx)

    Benefits of a High GMAT Score :

    * A high score will increase the chances of admission in top Business Schools.
    * Visa Officers also give weightage to high GMAT scores while considering Visa applications.
    * Chances of getting Scholarships / Financial Aid are bright with a high GMAT score.
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