• A new German project officially titled 'Bionic Handling Assistants' is a great tribute to Spidey pop-culture, what with them resembling Doctor Octavious' ferocious mechanical arms. The firm claims that the design is inspired by the motion of an elephant's trunk, and prides its creation for its flexible moments and precise gripping.

    The Bionic Handling Assistant merges several interdisciplinary technologies.The project's foundation was based on the development of a pneumatic lightweight structure, which is produced in a resource-efficient manner via new additive manufacturing technologies. The mechatronic development process focuses on machines and handling solutions. Created from 3D printed parts, the system comprises three basic elements for spatial movement, with a hand-axis with ball joint and gripper with adaptive fingers. The actions it can perform are restricted as of now to shaking hands, grasping an object, etc.


    festo-bionic-handling-assistant1 festo-bionic-handling-assistant3 festo-bionic-handling-assistant5 festo-bionic-handling-assistant-2 festo-bionic-handling-assistant-4 festo-bionic-handling-assistant-7 festo-bionic-handling-assistant-8 festo-bionic-handling-assistant-6

    With these mechanical arms, direct contact between machines and their respective human operators does not compromise safety - whether it's an accidental or intentional contact, the operator remains safe as the pneumatic arm yields immediately without altering its overall dynamic behavior. The robot then quickly gears up to resume its operation.

    Watch the video to know more:

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