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ISHAN TOPRE • Apr 4, 2011

GATE study 2011

Hi friends, I am preparing for GATE and want some advice on preparation. Some of my friends are going to Hyderabad for preparation. But what is the difference between self study and going to Hyderabad to study?

What special coaching do they offer? How can we implement that training in our self study?

I am waiting to see awesome replies. Please do share with everyone your experiences. What say everyone?
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Apr 5, 2011
Re: GATE study

Hi friends, I am preparing for GATE and want some advice on preparation. Some of my friends are going to Hyderabad for preparation. But what is the difference between self study and going to Hyderabad to study?

What special coaching do they offer? How can we implement that training in our self study?

I am waiting to see awesome replies. Please do share with everyone your experiences. What say everyone?
Ishu its totally depend on you, My one friend was in Hydrabad for Classes and he is not qualified this time. I am not saying that they are not teaching well but you have to work hard by yourself you can get some more tips from Cean who have scored good in GATE this time like Maulik Gandhi.
Reya • Apr 6, 2011
Re: GATE study

Hey one of my close friend's secured 99.40 in GATE this year.I will give you the tips how she prepared.

She didnt go to coaching institute.she got the materials from Gateforum.She studied all the topics and tried to answer for the questions given in the materials.She attended all online and offline tests alone conducted by Gateforum.
ISHAN TOPRE • Apr 6, 2011
Re: GATE study

@Praveena: Thanks Praveena, I was just waiting for this very tip.

Means do you want to say that we should keep on giving tests to make ourselves perfect for the exam?

If it is so thanks I will do that now onwards.

@Godfather: Thanks I will try to bring Maulik to this discussion. He will be very helpful to us 😀

@All: Please also share your experiences. 😀
MAULIK_GANDHI • Apr 7, 2011
Re: GATE study

Hello friends,

1) I dont have any experience with coaching classes. but one thing i can say is that if u spend the same amount of time to study that you would spend in coaching classes you can also get decent rank. the only thing matters is how you have studied your engineering till now. If you dont have basic funda clear then coaching class will help much but if you have confidence on yourself than you can do it yourself.

2) second thing is how you stick to your plan and dedication for the study. Make plan for when to study what evenif you know you cant follow it exactly.

3) start with easiest subject you feel , this way you can have good start. If you start some tough subject it will not be good start and you will be bored.

4) Pay less attention to any other things.. college study and any other things

From my experience
find a friend who is also preparing for the exam. Study together it helped me a lot. you can discuss doubts with each other, find some tough questions and ask each other. I used brilliant tutorials material for gate and i shared it with my friend because it was too costly [Rs.14000] that material has everything. i saw Gateforum material also but its material for revising the things and some question practice.. so if you refer that material first study all the topics from textbooks. if you have more then 4-5 month with quality time then i suggest to go with Brilliant material, otherwise start with text books you have studied before for college and then revise and question practice with gateforum or BT material.
MAULIK_GANDHI • Apr 7, 2011
Re: GATE study

If you are starting from now then i bet u will get bored in between or you cant maintain the speed so i suggest you to find a non-addictive timepass that help you to get fresh, dont start too intense from now, just spend some quality time and then have ur refreshment..
and you may found this misleading but i kept a rule 'one movie a day' for my refreshments in last 62 days. i spend 2-3 hrs for a movie and then all the day no other timepass. i had stoped facebooking , playing games everything that is addictive.

In my case i tried to start in diwali for gate but could not spend more then 1-2 hrs for that becoz of laziness and other works .. but after my 7th sem finished i started study in full force. and in those last 62 days[13th dec to 13th feb] i had my 99% of total study.
study when it suits u. i liked to study at night, so in day i was sleeping and then at night i was studying, because at night there are no distractions and you can concentrate. other thing was that every day i was noting down how much hrs i have studied and and kept it as excel file and then taking average study hrs that helped me a lot. i make target for it that in week this much hours i have to study for gate ...etc.
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Apr 7, 2011
Re: GATE study

@Maulik: Thanks for your valuable feedback and tips. I am sure your advice will help lots of CEans aspiring for GATE.

PS: For those who didn't read this thread, Maulik's GATE Score is:
Rank 61
Marks 75
gate score 890
Farjand • Apr 7, 2011
Re: GATE study

Thanks Maulik for you advice. I will be offline from now onwards. I will study but will try not to be bored. Sometimes being with friends is lot helpful. Now I have only one goal.

Keep posting good things for us. 😀
MAULIK_GANDHI • Apr 7, 2011
Re: GATE study

One more thing i forgot to mention is that Gateforum all india test series is very good. In 3000 Rs they take 10 exams starting from November or October. Its very good for practice and apply for full test series even if you haven't completed your total study. In Ec around 1500 ppl write that exams and they publish all india result it is very good for judging which subject you have to practice more. and never get disappointed if you cant perform well in any test papers. Just believe in yourself. Never give up.
ISHAN TOPRE • Apr 7, 2011
Re: GATE study

Good Suggestion Maulik. Test series forms most important part of GATE. Good to have you here. Need to search nearest GATE forum center for Tests.
Sugan :)
Sugan :) • Apr 13, 2011
Re: GATE study

hey guys im new here... need some tips on Gate and other exmz 😀
arun250691 • Apr 13, 2011
Re: GATE study

one thing that you have to remember is that you have to just beleive in yourself and never let yourself down,, just look at all the problems with a different angle, it may sound wierd but look at the aspect of the question that really makes it a problem, take a different look..........
just study the regular course books and get yur concepts rock strong as there hould be no confusion while applying these concepts there doing the paper, a simple confusion b/w sin and cos can get you negative marks..
aroyece • May 2, 2011
BEST study materials for Gate preparation ?

I want to know which will be the GATE STUDY MATERIALS for ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ( EC). Please suggest me and do state the reason from the following:-
(You can also suggest except the given below)

1) BRILLIANT TUTORIALS (Brilliant Tutorials - IIT, JEE, AIEEE, GATE Entrance exam coaching with online tests and study materials)

2) MADE EASY (IES MADE EASY :: India's Best Institute for Engineers)


4) GATE FORUM (Gateforum Offers GATE Classroom Coaching, GATE Online Lessons, eTutor, All India Mock GATE Test Series, GATE Tests, Mock GATE Online Tests and GATE Correspondence Courses for GATE Exam, GATE Previous Year Papers, GATE Exam, GATE Coaching, GATE Eligib) .
Sugan :)
Sugan :) • May 5, 2011
Re: GATE study

Guyz.. the thing is dat i need some help for the IT papers.... cuz i haven yet come across any automata stuff so far.. and it s not dr in my syllabus until 6th sem... so any help on dat???? 😐 😕
MAULIK_GANDHI • May 14, 2011
Re: GATE study

i have seen/used 3 materials...
1) Brilliant 2) ACE Hyderabad 3) Gateforum
and from my experience
Brilliant covers all the syllabus + some extra.... but it will take a lot time to complete it ... so if u have so much time with dedication go for brilliant
ACE has most of the points frequently asked in exams... if u can get this .. have a look at it ... but it is not completed material that u can rely on that...
Gateforum... if u have less time left and u remember most of the things or u have read all the topics from textbooks and want to revise it and do some practice then gateforum material is useful.... but it is mainly usefull for revision only... not for complete preparation.
ISHAN TOPRE • May 14, 2011
Re: GATE study

Hey Maulik,

how are you buddy? I would like to know from where you got brilliant and all those notes? From friends?

If so, none of my friends have them. So I can hardly xerox them. Do you have any different idea from where to get it other than friends?
ISHAN TOPRE • May 15, 2011
Re: GATE study

OK friends, I am pretty serious now. I have option to go to Hyderabad for 6 months by taking one year drop. But I do not want to do that.

I want to crack GATE in this year only. So the only help which I want is,

Are you familiar with any site which provides us with test series mostly for free? See I am planning to take test topic by topic frequently. There must be such sites. If anyone knows tell me.

It is do or die for me this year.
MAULIK_GANDHI • May 17, 2011
Re: GATE study

i am pretty fine .. Became engineer now 😀 and looking forward to join IISc 😀 😀
I ordered Brilliant material direct but i shared with a friend so i could afford it and other materials(ACE and some of Gateforum books) from seniors studying at iisc.
As you are pretty serious get brilliant material new one or used one from some big old books market or from seniors of your college who have appeared in GATE.
The material has so many questions that u will not require topicwise tests.. Dont know about any good websites, i never used any other than NPTEL lectures.
I think there is no need of one year drop. Try as if u have no option of drop. And if you are in final year now pay less attention to college study but have good concetration over Gate. Do more and more practice.
sanket1729 • Jul 6, 2011
Re: GATE study

you can also see NPTEL lectures from IIT - IITs and IISc elearning Courses in Engineering and Science under NPTEL. That way in case you couldn't go to coaching classes , you could get some of your doubts solved by seeing the relevant lectures.
hypernova • Aug 26, 2011
Re: GATE study

Hi all !

I will give GATE 2012 in Computer Science. I am convinced that Brilliant tutorial material is good from this thread and a few other sources on the internet.
But could someone please tell me if I must get the new material only or the BT CS material for 2011/2010 will also be ok ?
As Maulik pointed out, the new material is quite expensive, and because all my friends have already joined Gateforum coaching, I cant share the price with one of my friends as he did.

Thanks in advance !!😀
Re: GATE study

i also want to prepare for GATE,(now at 3rd year) but the thing is that we have to focus on both GATE and college studies...can anyone help me how to manage time for both, which one to give more preference?
plz help me out
vshlk6167 • Sep 1, 2011
Re: GATE study

hye dear !!!!!!!
in delhi there is best institution for gate-MADE EASY. you can also search dis on google and find out the selections in last 4 years.
and you can also crack by urself but its not easy to complete ur entire syllabus in 4 months.
Tapan_mech • Nov 15, 2011
Really good advice from Maulik ! Thanks for sharing 😀
duttasubham • Jul 17, 2012
hiiii friends no need to spend any money, for getting good quality engineering study material with you can also get solved question paper of gate upto 2012 for different engineering department you can visit .
duttasubham • Jul 19, 2012
hi friend you can visit also they have good study tips,ebooks and study material for GATE 2013.And all are free downloadable you can only register yourself to their forum.

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