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28 Jun 2007

funny horoscope


I'm not an engineer exactly, but, much worse, a translator, and I can tell you straight away that if any of you write manuals of any sort, chances are that one day, I'll convert them to Dutch...

I also like to write crazy stuff I made up myself, such as this:

if you love horoscopes as well as a good laugh, you'll probably enjoy as much as I did! It may say you'll meet someone new this weekend, but that Iyou'll need to get drunk first so as not to notice they have an IQ usually only found in tadpoles, barstools and leafy vegetables LOL
11 years ago
Hi Aralia,

How about translating articles written by CEans into Dutch? 😀 Drop a mail to admin @ crazyengineers . com if you are interested.

-The Big K-

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