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@jaspal rautela • 11 Jun, 2012
Just wondering what's the actual and exact function of a shaft in any engine inside a vehicle?
@NAVATHE SACHIN • 11 Jun, 2012 shaft is used to transmit power from engine to rear wheels.
@white_hat • 11 Jun, 2012 A propeller shaft is connected to transmit drive from gearbox to the rear differential.
@mechky • 12 Jun, 2012 A propeller shaft or drive shaft in an automobile is used to connect the engine transmission to the rear differential. When clutch is engaged, torque is transmitted from the engine to rear wheels by the drive shaft and differential.
@aarthivg • 15 Jun, 2012 Shaft is a mechanical component that pass on torque and rotation with the aim of connecting other part.

P.S: correct me if I am wrong
@nibhani • 16 Jun, 2012
yeah,its the same thing...
shafts are used to transmit powers....
@zaveri • 17 Jun, 2012 shafts are used for transmitting power and torque.

along with that they are also sometimes used for supporting mechanical members which they drive.

in the case of an automobile, there are many kinds of shafts, propeller shaft, crankshaft, camshaft, layshaft ,etc. which shaft do you want to know about specifically ?
@jaspal rautela • 18 Jun, 2012 function of propeller shaft, camshaft and layshaft???
@zaveri • 18 Jun, 2012 • 1 like propeller shaft : transmits power from the gear box to the final drive.

camshaft : it is present in the engine and works synchronously with the crankshaft. it consists of cams which accurately time and operate the inlet and exhaust valves.

layshaft : this is present in the gear box.
@Teja Reddy • 27 Feb, 2020 • 1 like

In a large portion of the car vehicles, the motor is situated at the front and the back wheels of the vehicle are being driven. This plan stipulates a more extended propeller shaft to be utilized. In a few plans a few propeller shafts are utilized to make up the length.

In a few vehicles, the motor is kept at the front and the front wheels of the vehicle are being driven. In some different vehicles, the motor is at the back and the back wheels are being driven. For such courses of action a short propeller shaft is utilized to drive each wheel.

The motor and the transmission unit are connected to the vehicle outline with some adaptable mounting. The back pivot lodging with differential and wheels are connected to the vehicle outline by suspension springs.

Because of the above course of action, the transmission yield shaft and the info shaft to the back pivot lodging are in various planes. This constrains the propeller shaft that associates these two shafts to be kept slanted.


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