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  • sushilkumarymca
    yar koi project bhej diya karo

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  • kapilOO7_cs
    do u hv minor
    project of e-billing in java...
  • shalini_goel14
    do u hv minor
    project of e-billing in java...
    Hi kapil,
    How about start making it yourself ? 😀
  • kapilOO7_cs
    yaa ........
  • nagech
    Hai this is nagech,

    The below url will help u more
    For projects
    For tutorials

  • vishnu priya
    vishnu priya
    Good information friend,
    Try to avoid the usage of SMS text friend,
  • remshad medappil
    remshad medappil
    Really good information..
  • itchap
    @balaseven Useful Stuff. Thanks for sharing.😁
  • Snigdha Batra
    Snigdha Batra
    whr r the urls?
  • piyush4360
    HI guys,

    I am having one complete java based project. The name is Java Blog System. Its basically similar to article submission websites. It makes use of JSP, Servlets, Hibernate for database entities and slight EJB. All advanced java techniques are used. I cant pursue it as a major or minor project. It will cost you 10,000 bucks. I dont have the documentation. However I can explain you the complete working. Call me if interested on 9579056814

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