Formula 1 Racing Technologies

Today I was discussing with my professor in college about F1 racing. And It turned out that he is a big fan of F1. Not because of the thrill associated with the race but because of the technology associated with F1.
In his own words, he said, "Ishan, F1 is not a gamble, it has a planned strategy for every milli second". With everything he said, I got convinced of his viewpoint.

Can we discuss of the techniques used in formula 1 racing for increasing pickup and improving other parameters? 😒


  • Richard O'Connor
    Richard O'Connor
    I think Formula 1 teams are the experts at "continuous improvement". Almost every race weekend you hear the commentators talk about new parts or new packages being bought for the cars. It's a world where perfection isn't quite good enough!
  • ShrinkDWorld
    I am interested. But currently I am completely away from it.
    Yes Richard.
    The cars are so sensitive and light that even weight of fuel and fuel tank matter. I will post some of the latest technologies in this respect.

    @gaurav: Come up buddy. You have got a talent. 😀
  • ShrinkDWorld
    Thanks Ishu.
    Post some link & post about this.

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