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Khartz Di
Khartz Di • Aug 24, 2012

Forced vortex flow

why is vortex fow important and its application in mechanical engineering??
sweet_honey • Aug 24, 2012
centrifugal pumps work on the principle of forced vortex flow which means that when a certain mass of liquid is rotated by an external torque, the rise in pressure head of the rotating liquid takes place.
zaveri • Aug 24, 2012
the other applications are centrifugal compressors and turbo chargers.
Sujay Elangovan
Sujay Elangovan • Oct 6, 2012
Vortex Flow is also the working principle of cyclone separators.
Saugata • Oct 6, 2012
Vortex flow finds its application in centrifugal and turbine pumps, in the study of cyclones and also in combined flows. it is also used to analyse the eddy formation in streamlined bodies, magnus effect etc.

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