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Smeechi Mittal
Smeechi Mittal • Aug 1, 2012

'Flightless' Molecule Stops Cancer From Spreading

The major problem with cancer is that it spreads throughout the body of the patient. If the problem was confined to a single organ, it would have been much easier to deal with it. Scientists have found a solution and call it 'Flightless' molecule. The molecule has a sticky property. Hence, it sticks the cells together, even the cancerous ones rendering them attached to the primarily affected tissue. The research is still continued and if scientists succeed in turning this molecule into cancer saving drug, then it would surely be a great leap!
inderjeet • Aug 1, 2012
Surely such a drug would really prove to be a boon for cancer patients throughout the world ...and what a progress it would be for our medical field..😀

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