Finally, Google to put new Android versions on all upcoming phones

Fragmentation has always been one of the biggest problems for Android. And adding salt to injury, Apple has been persistently writing about it as several low-cost smartphones are launched with Android 4.0 installed on it. While showcasing the new iPads in October last year, Apple had raised similar questions. But things may change if new reports are to be believed.

According to the memo leaked by Mobile Bloom, a technology website search engine giant will not approve requests for Google Mobile Services (GMS) for older Android versions nine months after the launch of new iteration of the platform.

Credits: TOI
Most of the popular companies include Google Mobile Services like Gmail, Chrome, Maps, Hangouts, Plus etc. while a few manufacturers like Amazon do not use these services. The memo states that from February, 2014 Google will not approve GMS distribution on new Android phones that have older versions installed on it. Further, each platform will have ‘GMS approval window’ that will close nine months after new version has been released. In other words, Android users will have nine months to install the products on the latest platform. This means that the policy can be only beneficial to smartphone users. But this would also mean that it will be very difficult for low-end smartphones to survive in the market. Android 4.4, KitKat has been enhanced by Google to ensure that devices with 512 MB RAM run smoothly.

According to Google, Jelly Bean has the highest percentage (60.7%) of devices running on it. Gingerbread, launched in 2010 comes second at 20% while KitKat has just 1.8% users. Android 2.2 (Froyo, launched in May, 2010) is still used on 1.3% of the devices.

Looks like Google will have to work harder. What do you think? Share in comments.

Source: TOI


  • Satya Swaroop Dash
    Satya Swaroop Dash
    If true, this move is a very good one because some handsets makers are still selling ICS or in some extreme cases even Froyo. This would mean that if you are buying a LG Nexus or a Samsung Galaxy or a Micromax Bolt you have the same OS.
  • Chirayu Samarth
    Chirayu Samarth
    Seems a bright move...
  • Anil Jain
    Anil Jain
    What will happen to the existing smartphone users that are still living with ICS, GB or Froyo? Their Phones doesn't support the Higher version of firmware and Google had make up mind to vanish the older Android from market.

    Or Is Google thinking of pushing only new phone users?
  • Chirayu Samarth
    Chirayu Samarth
    Looks like Google is pushing for upgraded Android phones because it is not going to approve requests for Google Mobile Services (GMS) on older platforms.
  • Netradeep Dhonde
    Netradeep Dhonde
    It will take some time tough. Because some smartphones that are announced and will be revealed at MWC are still running on Android 4.2.2

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