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wan nur haizun
wan nur haizun • Feb 27, 2018

Final year project in data communication & networking

hi everyone, im student data communication & networking . ive no idea what should i do for my final year project . if anyone has an idea please suggest me what should i do . till right now im still searching .

How about a drone based home security system? This remains parked at some strategic location and at (randomly selected if so desired) specified intervals does a survey of the periphery of the property. Cameras and microphones can create an audio visual record. Any abnormal activity can trigger the drone to send an alert to specific people (including the police, or fire protection). Fixed location sensors can also communicate with the drone in case of suspicious activity during the periods the drone is parked.
Drones for Home Security and Surveillance – Must Read - Reolink Blog

Hello wan nur haizun,

Hope you doing great. If you still looking for the project ideas then I may agree with @Ramani . You can build a project on the drone security surveillance system. As the camera suggestions are already given to you. I would like to contribute more to the Ramani's point.

For a security system, you should try automation with drones using FlytBase platform: and if you want to learn more about the security systems you can learn over here:

You can visit the FlytBase and then navigate to developers section and access the API's and tools.

If you need more help, let me know. 

Addy smith
Addy smith • Aug 28, 2018

Hey wan nur haizun, I have some good options for your project. Hopefully this options will be helpful to you.

  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Accident Identification System
  • Wireless Camera Position System
  • Remote Home Security System

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