Faulty NI DAQ?

I'm currently doing my thesis work with a National Instruments USB-6008 DAQ. When I first received it, it performed flawlessly. However, over time (a matter of months, with no out-of-bounds testing) the analog inputs began showing signs of noise, very little but noticeable at first. Now, just yesterday, I'm witnessing an offset (on two of the analog inputs, haven't tested the other two) of about 1.4 V without anything connected to the DAQ aside from my laptop.

Has anyone worked with NI DAQ's, or other DAQ's, and run into this before? Is this something I just need to replace, or is there a solution or calibration I can perform?


  • sauravgoswami
    Buddy,do one thing self-calibrate it,even if the rpoblem persist then u have to do external calibration which u can avail from the nearest service station!!!...
  • Jeanius
    Is a calibration possible through NI software? Or is it something I'd have to offset in a LabVIEW VI I write?
  • sauravgoswami
    It is thriugh NI s/w,check the manula for trubleshooting

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