explaining CE-AMPLIFIER to beginner

*water from tank on third floor of building flows down to tap on ground level from a pipe.
*when a valve is in first floor to control the flow of water to tap on ground.
*by varying that valve then pressure of water on tap of second floor vary!!

water=current :
tankon third floor = collector(12V supply) :
tap on ground floor = emitter
tap on second floor= OUTPUT

is above good to explain to beginners as alternative???
please suggest me..if there is grammer mistake then correct it!!
it will help.


  • silverscorpion
    I think you illustrate NPN transistor. Good analogy. What about PNP transistor?
  • karenclave
    is it only explaining NPN transistor??
    hv to study abt PNP transistor😒 but do anyone explain PNP??
    then how to explain function of CE-Amplifier??😕

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