Satya Swaroop Dash
Satya Swaroop Dash
Computer Science
26 Sep 2016

Every Smart Car Will Go Electric From 2017

You might not know but Mercedes Benz has a small car department known as Smart. They make city cars called ForTwo. There are three cars under the ForTwo brand which are the ForTwo, ForTwo Cabrio and ForFour and they will be getting an electric drive variant from next year. The car maker announced their decision on Twitter. The three cars will be based on Smart Electric Drive platform courtesy of its adoptive parents Mercedes and Renault. The cars will be up on display at the next Paris motor show which is scheduled for October. The ForTwo electric will go on sale in United States from spring of next year and the ForTwo Cabrio as you guessed will be launched in the summer. Petrol-heads need not worry as the gas powered versions shall be also available for you to buy.


So what are the tech specs of the new car? Well they would not be able to give hatchbacks a run for their money as they have a puny power of 80 horse power from the tiny electric motor. The electric motor as expected gives slightly more torque, 19 percent to be exact from the petrol variant. The power output is 118 pound-feet. The top speed of the car is 81mph or 130kmph. The smallest variant the ForTwo will have a range of 99 miles or 160 kilometres. The best part about the ForTwo electric is that they can be fully charged in only 2.5 hours which is astonishingly fast as compared to other electric cars. The pricing information on the three cars is awaited.

Source: Smart via SlashGear

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